Sunlux Shadow 20

The  Sunlux  Shadow  20  (0Ag)  coating  offers  a  combination  of  high  solar  protection,  unique  silver  aesthetics  and  great flexibility. It can be used heat-treated, annealed and in a laminated version with coating against the PVB. The modern silver appearance brings Sunlux Shadow 20 an extra value - it matches the recent trends in contemporary architecture. In combination with low-e glass, Sunlux Shadow 20 helps to maintain pleasant indoor temperatures while reducing air conditioning costs.

High level of solar control

helps to avoid heat build-up in hot climate countries

Low light transmission

preventing internal glare issues during day light hours and ensuring the perfect indoor comfort

Resistant coating

that can be used monolithic (glazing or spandrel), can be laminated, can be used heat-treated or annealed
Sunlux Shadow 20 Datasheet
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Sunlux Shadow 20 Processing Guide
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Pocket Value
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