BlueChroma, BronzeChroma, GreenChroma

The Sunlux Chroma range is featuring vivid colors. The perfect combination of superior aesthetics and high solar control makes it the right choice for residential buildings and commercial facades in hot climates. Available in three deep and intense shades – Blue, Bronze and Green – Sunlux Chroma products offer an original and colorful appearance to the outside of a building while maintaining a neutral and pleasant aspect when seen from the inside. The products can be heat-treated, laminated, bent, ceramic frit printed and are easy to process.


Combination of intense colors &

high solar control with a SHGC not higher than 0.29

Low internal light reflection

 guaranteeing a neutral aspect and a perfect view when looking outside

Easy and fast processing

with no edge-deletion required


Datasheet_Sunlux Chroma
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