Dark BlueChroma, Dark GreenChroma, Dark GreyChroma

The Sunlux Dark Chroma range is a second generation of Sunlux Chroma magnetron coated glass products featuring vivid colors. The combination of superior aesthetics and high solar control makes these products a perfect solution for hot climate countries. Available in three deep and intense shades – DarkBlue, DarkGreen and DarkGrey – Sunlux Dark Chroma products offer an original and colorful appearance to the outside of a building while maintaining a neutral and pleasant aspect when seen from the inside. The products can be heat-treated, laminated, bent and ceramic frit printed and are easy to process.

Combination of intense colors &

high solar control with a SHGC not higher than 0.23

Very low internal light reflection

 guaranteeing a neutral aspect and a perfect view when looking outside

Easy and fast processing

 with no edge-deletion required
Sunlux DarkChroma Datasheet
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Sunlux Processing Guide
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Pocket Value
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