Sunlux Orion, Sunlux Orion Bronze, Sunlux Orion Green, Sunlux Orion Grey

Sunlux Orion offers a good solar protection while maintaining a neutral aspect along with a clear view when seen from the inside, thanks to a low internal reflection. Can be heat-treated, laminated, bent, ceramic frit printed and is easy to process. In combination with low-e glass, Sunlux family products help to maintain pleasant indoor temperatures while reducing air conditioning costs. Available in neutral, bronze, green and grey shades. 


Combination of intense colours &

high solar control with SHGC = 0.21 for Sunlux Orion Grey

High external light reflection

guaranteeing privacy for building occupants

Easy & fast processing

with no edge-deletion required 


Datasheet - Sunlux Orion
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