AGC & Lakhta Centre, Russia

AGC & Lakhta Centre, Russia

Did you know a total of 16,595 double-glazed units were made for the Lakhta Centre at the AGC Interpane factory?

Each double-glazed ut features a complex high-tech design in the form of a curved parallelogram 4.2 m high and weighting 740 kg.

The laminated glass - ipasol Bright White solar control glass and Stopray Vision 72T multifunctional glass - was used on the outside of the double-glazed unit. The inner part comprises Planibel Linea Azzurra with transparent blue edges, creating a stunning shimmering effect on the exterior of the building.

Since January this year Stopray Vision-72 is produced by AGC Obeikan Glass at the facility in Yanbu, KSA.